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Treehouse Studio
Double click to editThis four season treehouse began with a few sketches and the client's desire for a "hobbit like" design.  After arriving at an approximate square footage, I developed a few more detailed drawings and a broad estimate of cost.  Details of the design evolved throughout construction through ongoing discussions with the client.

With the exception of the three laminated beams that form the base supporting structure and the cedar shingles, virtually all of the materials are locally sourced and hand hewn.  The clients located the windows and door at several reclaimed building supply yards and I have done structural reconditioning and modification in order to make them weathertight, functional, and consistent with the overall design.  The clients have since cleaned and painted them.

Without any detailed design or construction drawings, a project like this requires close coordination with the clients to insure their ultimate satisfaction.  I thank them for their vision and patience.