Albatross Builders
Timberframe Studio
I had total responsibility for this studio addition including design, construction drawings, permitting, etc. 

The site and existing structure did not lend itself to a purpose designed studio with proper orientation for North light.  In consultation with the client we agreed that integration into the existing structure would take precedence and we would provide for controllable natural light and an abundance of "daylight quality" artificial light.  The client wanted a very open look while maintaining a lot of warmth and charm.  The timber frame design provided for the visual space offered by the cathedral ceilings and the warm feeling of all the heavy wood timbers.

Construction made use of newer methods and materials that provided for a very thermal efficient structure.
Insulated Concrete Forms were used for the foundation and the walls and roof incorporated Structural Insulated Panels.  At the time, neither method was familiar to the local building department and required some effort to demonstrate how they met and exceeded code requirements.   

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